a picture of a glass and metal object with the words hybrid above it

The Lavoo Hybrid Series Hookahs integrate modern design with traditional function. The integration for an aluminum hub allows for easy cleaning and the capability to place fruit and ice in the vase. The Lavoo Hybrid Hookahs also feature a copper downstem, another feature reminiscent of traditional hookahs.

What makes the Hybrid series even more practical is that you can use the glass vases interchangeably with the aluminum hubs. This means that if you break a glass or want to change up your model a bit, we will be offering the glass vases to be purchased separately.

Lavoo Hybrid Hookah H7Lavoo Hybrid Hookah H1 and H7Lavoo Hybrid Hookah HXOLavoo Hybrid H7 DisassembledLavoo Hybrid Hookah Heart and Downstem