Lavoo Double Dark Mint Dark Leaf Tobacco

by Lavoo Design


Lavoo Dark Leaf Tobacco Double Dark Mint Flavor

An earthy yet refreshing mint that is robust in flavor yet smooth from beginning to end. Lavoo Doubel Dark Mint is a staple mint flavor in the hookah world of connoisseurs.

Lavoo Dark Leaf Tobacco Characteristics

  • Mid to high nicotine
  • Robust smoke and flavor
  • Fine cut tobacco leaves
  • Packaged for easy use and storage

All Hookahs Include

○ Silicone Hose

○ Purge Valve

○ Glass Bowl


Worldwide Shipping

We ship to most countries via United States Postal Service. Priority Mail.

The Difference is Clear

We only use the best grade glass with superior clarity and quality.

Hookah Master Approved

Our hookahs are designed for maximum airflow to give you the smoothest smoke output.

Pleasure in Smoking

Our luxury hookahs are like no other, often imitated but never duplicated.