CocoNara Hookah Charcoal Cubes 1kg

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All of our Glass is made in-house by our expert glass artisans. Please allow the following preparation times:

○ Glass Accessories: 2-3 Business Days

○ Glass Hookahs: 5-7 Business Days

○ Hookahs with Stand: 10-14 Business days.

Common replacement parts for Lavoo Glass Hookahs:

Glass Bowl | Glass Hose Handle | Purge Valve | Hose Connector


The original Coconut Hookah Charcoal CocoNara is a well know brand in the hookah industry and is a must-have for any hookah smoker. This box includes 1 Kilo of Cube pieces of coconut hookah coals. If you like your hookah sessions with a lot of heat, these CocoNara Cubes are for you.

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