Sanitary Extra Large Hookah Mouth Tips

Quantity: 10 Pieces
Sale price$3.00

All of our Glass is made in-house by our expert glass artisans. Please allow the following preparation times:

○ Glass Accessories: 2-3 Business Days

○ Glass Hookahs: 5-7 Business Days

○ Hookahs with Stand: 10-14 Business days.

Common replacement parts for Lavoo Glass Hookahs:

Glass Bowl | Glass Hose Handle | Purge Valve | Hose Connector


Play it safe by using thes XL Sanitary Hookah Mouth Tips when sharing hookah with others. These mouth tips insert in almost any hose and work great on our Lavoo glass hose handle.

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Fits almost all hoses
  • Works great with Lavoo Hose
  • Available in various quantities
  • Mixed colors

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